Career Placement Services

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Davis Technical College provides placement services for program completers and other students, as resources allow. These services are intended to help students and graduates find employment that aligns with the needs of employers we serve.

Services Available
Resume Review
Interview Skills
Job Placement Assistance

Employment Resources
Many agencies provide further help in finding employment. Take the time to register with these organizations:
Department of Workforce Services
LDS Employment Services

Job Listings
Davis Tech Student Job Board
LinkedIn Jobs
Jobs in Utah
Federal Jobs

Student Follow-up
Your success in finding employment is an indication of the quality of our instruction. To evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, we ask that you notify us of your employment status. If you are already employed, become employed, or if your employment status changes, please notify your instructor. You may also report current military service, the pursuit of additional education, or let us know if there reasons that may prevent you from completing your program or finding employment. If you leave the college and we don’t receive a response from you, a Davis Tech employee will contact you to request your employment status.